Susan Anne Konkel

Interior and Floral Designer

Airbrushed favorite.jpg

Susan has recently moved to Georgia's Lake Country to continue her design journey with a focus on residential, floral, pattern design and all things botanical. Her career in interior design spans over 30 years developing hotel interiors for The Ritz-Carlton, Mandarin Oriental, and Marriott Hotels.

The Recent outbreak of the Corona Virus prompts us to reflect on the vital. "Our homes are our refuge now more than ever, and should reflect beauty and inspiration for each family member".

Susan assists homeowners to create authentic, relaxing environments that reflect their loves and personal aesthetic. “It’s not just about stuff, and its not about me".  It’s about creating  interiors that speak to the owner. A nest that nurtures, revitalizes and promotes togetherness while allowing for privacy. The homes we live in shape us as human beings, effect our outlooks and support our dreams. I would be honored to facilitate shaping your home.

Susan resides with her husband Art and two feline roommates Lucy and Ethel.  She works on a few select projects each year. When not designing, you can find her on any given day mushroom hunting, arranging flowers or rowing on Lake Oconee.

Please call for a consultation.