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Flowers from the Harmony Crossing Farmers Market

My love affair with flowers began in 2010 when I started my consulting business and had an abundance of time and only a few clients. I wanted to learn a new skill and decided instead of going to school, I would work at a florist and learn floral design at the elbows of experts. I started at the very bottom and worked my way up. No task was too lowly as I was just thrilled to be around flowers. In the beginning, I would pull scraps and cuttings out of the garbage and take them home to practice arrangements.

After 10 years I've worked with production florists, wedding and event florists and live plant florists. Regardless of how successful my consulting business has become, I've always made time to work with experts in the field and always want to "look into the face of a flower". It is a meditation of love and appreciation of beauty.

I recently scored the last bouquet of farm fresh flowers from the Saturday Farmers Market at Harmony Crossing in Eatonton. Lucy (stage right) was kind enough to help me curate this photo.

Thank you Belinda Peebles for the beautiful flowers from Mary Anna farms. Look forward to seeing you next year.

Check out Harmony Crossing Farmers Market Facebook page at

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